Step 1: Check for device Storage in device Method 1(Settings > Android Settings > reset>Storage>factory data reset)

Step 2: Also Check for remaining space available, if less than 2 GB then to uninstall any unwanted apps , movies or songs downloaded in device.


Step 3: After uninstalling apps,movies,songs,videos,.check if it's working fine 

Step 4: If Yes: Issue Resolved 

Step 5: If No: Initiate Factory reset ***Because the required space to device run smoother is Min 2 GB***

Factory reset-

Soft Factory Reset:

  1.  Press Home button on Remote and press Menu button on top of Home button 
  2. You will see Quick Repair Options 
  3. Select Reset to Factory Settings 
  4. Select Reset in Setting Menu 
  5. You will get 2 options i) Storage, ii) Factory data reset 
  6. Select Factory data reset, than again click on Factory data reset, than click on Erase everything
  7. It will start Factory reset, after Factory data reset is done than wait for 5 mins 
  8. You will see ReTV logo for 5 mins, it will install all apps again.
  9. call the customer care for registration.

Hard Factory Reset:

 1: Remove the power source from the back of ReTV device

 2: Press and Hold the power button on ReTV device, Connect power by holding power button

 3: You will see screen with options

 4: Select Wipe data / Factory reset > Press OK on remote

 5: Select Yes -- delete all user data

6: You will see android logo resetting

 7: After reset is complete, click on reboot system now

8: You will see ReTV logo, wait for 5 Mins, it will install all apps again.

9) Call the customer care for registration.